Aret Basewear | TOURA Low Cut Dune | Apparel for hikers, rock climbers and the general outdoorswoman.

The most comfortable basewear for climbing, hiking and swimming.

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Aret Basewear | TOURA Low Cut Orchid | Apparel for hikers, rock climbers and the general outdoorswoman.

Designed by women, for women.

Discover TOURA



Introducing TOURA: aptly named for its unique shape and elevated design. Created with your strength in mind, TOURA provides optimal movement and comfort as it curves and highlights the pecs, lats, and traps. Seamless and Reversible. All you need is to pick your cut.

  • Low Cut for a flattering fit and uncompromised function *Cup Sizes A-C
  • High Cut for extra coverage and support *Cup Sizes C-DD

    Built for the Strong and Dynamic

    Upper body dependent athletes, namely rock climbers, will find refuge in TOURA. It's designed with compression in all the right places to support your body in motion without muscle restriction.

    • Elevated Design
    • Lush Compression
    • Feather-light Comfort & Function

    Photo Credit: @Ladybrd Katherine Vanderford


    It's Completely Waterproof

    Jump in that lake. Deep water solo. Swim and surf with the dolphins. Continue your eclectic adventures sans chaffing with the water-ready TOURA.

    • Same compression fit wash after wash, wear after wear
    • Salt & Chlorine friendly

    Photo Credit: @Venomblackbird


    The Only Top you'll Pack

    Pack light into the deepest backcountry and up the highest mountains with TOURA. Day after day you'll be satiated with comfort from moisture wicking durability, and lay-flat straps that go unnoticed under heavy backpacks.

    • Moisture Wicking
    • Ethereally Light & Airy
    • Lay-flat Straps
  • "It's pretty much my favorite item of clothing now! So comfy, I love it! Everything about this [top] is amazing, [and I] can't wait to test it out for some deep water soloing!"

    Basewear | TOURA Top Review by Katherine Vanderford @ladybrd Katherine Vanderford
  • "I think this is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn! [...] I also really love how the straps don't cut into my back."

    Basewear | TOURA Top Review by Tammy Faye @tammyfaye Tammy Faye
  • "I have been LOVING this workout top. The material is amazingly comfortable and you can also wear it as a swim top. Did I mention it's reversable as well? Talk about versatile!"

    Basewear | TOURA Top Review by Kiley Jo @jiley_ko Kiley Jo
  • "I need[...] like a million more![...] Dainty enough to show off under sheer shirts or on its own [yet] tough enough for all types of movement. Most importantly, [it’s] so comfortable, you'll never want to be without [it]!"

    Basewear | TOURA Top Review by Paulina Dao @paulinadao Paulina Dao


What is Basewear?

Basewear (noun): undergarment textile for both day and water use; versatile athletic wear, unlike typical underlayer (baselayer) which is made to retain heat, basewear is our form fitting, reversible, moisture wicking undergarment.

So comfy you'll forget it's there. As it should be.

Our minimalist yet elevated design provides the ultimate fusion of comfort meets function. Our basewear is constructed to compliment your body, not agitate it with harsh, digging seams and suffocating fabrics.

  • Breathable & 4-way Stretch
  • Seamless & Reversible
  • Soft & Durable
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