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Brand Guidelines

Arêt Basewear Logo

Thank you for your interest in Arêt Basewear.

Below we have outlined some general guidelines for representing our brand. If you are writing a gear review, blog post or any other promotion about Arêt Basewear, please download our press kit below. This kit contains the Arêt Basewear logo and image assets.

Download our Press Kit

Arêt Basewear Logo

How to type Arêt

Our brand name uses a special e with a circumflex accent. Below are some short cuts to creating that special character. Please make sure to always include the accented character. If you are having trouble doing so, please copy and paste the word Arêt.

Copy/Paste: ê / Ê

On a Mac: A - R - opt+i - E - T

On a PC: Press Num Lock - Press and Hold Alt - Type 1-3-6 - Release Alt

HTML: &-#-2-3-4-; / &-e-c-i-r-c;


Moon: #f4f4f4

Granite: #3e3c46

Void: #28272d

Sky: #468aa9



We use a custom version of Raleway with stylistic alternates and lining numerals.

Download via Google Fonts

Medium 400 | Semi-Bold 600 | Bold 700

Logo (Original)

Arêt Basewear Logo

The original Arêt Basewear logo uses the mark in between the type. This variation is delicate and can get lost on posters. Please leave adequet white space.

Logo (Alternatives)

Arêt Basewear Logo

Our logo alternatives include shape, type, and color variations. These tend to be more bold on posters. Use these at will and make sure to leave adequet white space.

Solo Mark

Arêt Basewear Logo

Occasionally you may use the mark alone. This is general when our logo is to be displayed on a large scale for marketing purposes or signage.


Arêt Basewear Logo

To add emphasis and boldness the logo mark can be displayed in a diamond. The diamond can be solid or outlined. Both variations are included in our press kit.

Choosing content for social media

When choosing images to put on social media, or any other public space we are guided by our keywords: contour, strong, dynamic and elevated. All content and images should somehow depict these words. Our style is minimal, understated, bold and etherial.


Choose images with strong contour lines. Look for minimal landscapes, curving lines and high contrasting shadows.


We love strong ladies! Show off that muscular back, arms and abs. Lighting from the side helps to accentuate muscle definition.


Capture dynamic, explosive or powerful movement the second it happens. Poofs of chalk help create a more dynamic composition.


Seek out the highest peak and get elevated. Try images from a birds-eye, on top of a mountain, or where the subject is looking towards the sky.

How to photograph our Basewear

Here are a few examples of how to properly photograph and represent our Basewear products. If you are a brand ambassadors, model or promoter these ideas should help you create content.

Gear Top Down

Try taking a birds-eye shot from the top down of one of our tops with the climbing gear you plan to take on a trip.

Back Shot

Try taking a shot from the back, or pairing our Basewear tops with a loose-fitting tank that allows the straps to peak out.

Close Up

Use depth of field to zoom in on one detail of our top. This works best with a high quality SLR camera.

Our brand's voice

When speaking on behalf of our brand our ideals about ethics in the outdoor industry, sustainability, diversity and empowerment should shine through. For a full explanation about what we stand for as a brand please visit our About Us page.

Our Brand Vision
Show us your adventures on Instagram with the hashtag Basewear.

Show us your adventure! We love to see the amazing places you take your basewear. Tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #basewear.

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